New Twister Dance Photo

Twister posted a new photo of Britney on Facebook from her commercial shoot. The commercial leaked on BreatheHeavy yesterday, but the full video launches tonight at midnight EST.

New Twister Photo

It won’t be long before the Twister commercial hits the Internet, so this cute behind-the-scenes photo of Britney posing backstage with two on-set peeps. Check it out in XRAY.

New Twister Pic

Check out this new behind-the-scenes photo of Britney dancing during her Twister commercial shoot in the latest issue of People magazine. She looks like she’s having a blast!

Twister Choreography Photos

Check out these new shots of Britney dancing during her Twister commercial. Recently, some people questioned if a body-double was used during the shoot for the dancing scenes. Director Ray Kay said ab


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