Staying up late tonight to catch the premiere of Britney’s new music video for her third single, “I Wanna Go,” off Femme Fatale? Us too! Chat and share your thoughts with Exhalers and get ready for tonight’s big debut! The video premieres at 12AM PST! GET READY! Britney Tweeted about the premiere: “So excited for […]

June 21 2011, 5:52 pm

While Larry Rudolph promotes Britney’s tour, her other manager, Adam Leber, is defending it. The Hollywood Reporter wrote a nasty review on L.A.’s show last night. Leber went on a Twitter-tirade regarding the review. He says via Twitter (Read bottom to top): And oh yeah, so do @RollingStone @MTV @PerezHilton @JustJared and almost everyone else […]

June 21 2011, 1:08 pm

A lucky blogger got a chance to see the entire “I Wanna Go” music video. Here are the details. Spoiler Alert! Press conference. Press and paparazzi are wearing ‘Britney Spears- I Wanna Go’ lanyards. Someone writes Directed by: Chris Marrs Piliero on their notepad. Britney walks on (wearing some FIERCE studded Louboutins, jeans and the […]

June 21 2011, 8:44 am

Britney Tweeted fans a new “I Wanna Go” video promo pic! She said: I-I-I wanna know — what do you all think about the #IWANNAGO video teaser? Can’t wait for you to see the rest…. -Brit PS – follow on Twitter!

June 20 2011, 2:30 pm