Britney’s “Man On The Moon” Producer Jason Evigan Confirms His Participation


B9 is inching closer to an official release, and producer Jason Evigan confirms it's gonna be "really, really awesome."

We know Evigan, who co-wrote and produced Maroon 5's "It Was Always You," Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack," Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" and Fifth Harmony's "Miss Movin' On," has done a couple of songs for Britney's upcoming record. One of which is "Man On The Moon," first revealed by BreatheHeavy then later confirmed by ASCAP.

On his own accord, Evigan says in a new interview Britney is "such a great artist" and adds his work (bitch) with her is complete. Watch:

Sounds like the record is complete!

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