Britney Uses Imagination To Dream Up New Piece Of Me Costumes


Britney describes some of her Piece Of Me catalogue as rock & roll, tribal and African.

Ahead of her Piece Of Me relaunch last Saturday, Britney gave a handful of interviews, including a mini stage tour with Extra's Mario Lopez (abs on point). She also chatted with MORE's Sean McAlister about the creation process before implementing new costumes into the mix.

"A lot of times I usually go to what the concept of the song is and go from there," Britney said. "If it's a rock & roll song, if it's a tribal song, or if it's an African song. Use your imagination... as a girl it's the funnest thing you can do."

She also comments on her charity work with Zappos. "As far as kids are involved... anything you can do to help kids and give back and show your love and your support and generosity is very very important."

We're not sure what African songs she's referring to, but the Queen has spoken.

McAlister also tries to persuade Britney into devouring a red velvet cupcake, but she knows better... it's show night! Watch below:

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