Britney Spears Launches The Reimagined Piece Of Me Show


It's been awhile... she knows she shouldn't have kept us waiting, but she's here now.

For several months, Britney Spears prepared a revamped Piece Of Me show, and her hard work did not go unnoticed, bitch. On Saturday (Feb. 13), Britney performed a show that consisted of several key changes: removing "3," "Perfume" and "Lucky" for "I Love Rock N Roll," "Breathe On Me," "Touch Of My Hand" and "If You Seek Amy." She also added a Missy Elliott medley dance breakdown and swapped around a few other songs including "Work Bitch," "Piece Of Me," "Gimme More" and "Break The Ice."

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Here's videos from the show:

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Good luck tonight, Britney!